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New Student Orientation - July 15 - 16

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Health and Wellness Information

Students requesting accommodations should contact Office of Disability Services at 908-737-4910 or disabilityservices@kean.edu two weeks prior to the event.
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This is an optional session for parent/guardians from 4:30-5:30 on Day 1 of Orientation

Certification Statement

Adherence to Policies: The student agrees to become familiar with and abide by all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as outlined in the Residential Student Services Handbook, the Kean University Student Handbook, and the Student Code of Conduct. These policies and procedures are incorporated herrin as if set forth in length. The student understands that the University may take appropriate action for conduct which is found by the University to be in violation of such rules, regulations, or policies and procedures as outline above.

Compliance with Safety Policies and Procedures: The student shall comply with all University policies and procedures, including without limitation, the Prohibited Items/Dangerous Practices section of the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. The University reserves the right, as a safety measure, to remove unsafe or illegal materials or equipment.

Room Assignment: Students must stay in the assigned room space with the assigned roommate and vacate and remove all personal property from the room when NSO is concluded.

Damage Prevention/Alterations to Premises: Damage charges may be assessed regardless of whether the neglect was committed directly, or resulted as a failure to prevent or report damages.

Compliance with Laws: The students agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.

Right to Access and Entry: The University reserves the right to enter a room for inspection for: health, safety, and maintenance, damage to space or equipment, or to uphold University Policy.

Responsibility for Damage Loss: The University shall have no responsibility for theft, destruction, damage, or loss of property belonging to, or in custody of, the student from any cause whatsoever whether such losses occur anywhere in the residence halls or elsewhere on campus. Additionally, the University shall not be liable for any failure of water supply, electrical current, telephone, and/or internet connection for for injury or damage to persons or property caused by natural disasters or by other students or persons within the halls.

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